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Gestion Plant-E Management selected by QEMP for the WATT Transactional Fund, an alternative strategy

Montréal, Québec, August 18, 2022
The Quebec Emerging Manager Program (“QEMP”) is proud to announce the selection of Gestion Plant-E Management to manage an alternative strategy mandate.

Founded in Montréal in February 2021, Gestion Plant-E Management (“Plant-E”) launched the WATT Transactional Fund L.P., an absolute return alternative vehicle that trades electricity. This market has a complex technical structure and a dense regulatory framework designed to protect this critically strategic commodity.

Supported by Fondaction, the WATT Transactional Fund L.P., launched on the Innocap dedicated managed account platform, is the first hedge fund in Canada exclusively dedicated to transactions in the North American power markets. Plant-E employs a mix of discretionary and quantitative strategies to take advantage of inefficiencies in North American power markets. Positions are mostly taken in geographical and temporal spreads. The strategy aims to generate uncorrelated absolute returns for investors. It also provides significant liquidity and reduced leverage. In terms of sustainability, Plant-E is aligned with several of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Agenda 2030). Thus, Plant-E Corp is committed to ensuring that ESG considerations are an integral part of its activities.

“ We appreciate the vision and enterprising spirit demonstrated by the QEMP through its support. Our aim is to preserve returns as we grow by gaining increased visibility thanks to collaborations such as this one. The Fund is liquid, uncorrelated and offers a true alternative to other asset classes.”

– Pierre Plante, CEO, Gestion Plant-E Management

“Our team is our strength: rigorous, accomplished people, of agile intelligence and driven by a touch of audacity. I am confident that we share with the QEMP and our other investors a common vision for the future.”

– René Perreault, Executive Chairman, Gestion Plant-E Management

“The QEMP is pleased to welcome an innovative strategy that enables investors to diversify their portfolios. Plant-E offers unique expertise and has earned an excellent reputation in a sector with ESG impact. This investment vehicle sets itself apart as a pioneer in Canada, and as an alternative to traditional asset classes. Our objectives are aligned with Plant-E’s vision, and we are thrilled to support its growth while encouraging local talent in the finance industry.”

– Carolyn Cartier-Hawrish, Manager, QEMP

The WATT Transactional Fund L.P. will join the alternative component of the PGEQ Fund L.P. in the third quarter, adding an attractive element of diversification for its allocators. Over the past year, the QEMP’s alternative portfolio has welcomed several new local firms such as Bastion Asset Management, Authentic Asset Management and Nordis Capital.

The PGEQ Fund L.P. has approximately $365 million of assets under management as of August 1, 2022. Eight new emerging managers have joined the program since 2021, adding to the investment talent available to institutional allocators and diversifying investment portfolios with a broad range of traditional and alternative solutions. The QEMP’s impact has been accelerated thanks to a strategic investment last year totalling $110 million from the Government of Québec and some of its initial investors.

The QEMP, created in 2016, is well positioned to continue raising capital, deploy additional funds and ensure an orderly graduation process. As such, it continues to look for Québec-based independent emerging managers offering traditional strategies (fixed income, Canadian equity, US equity, global equity, sustainable or ESG strategies, etc.) and alternative strategies (hedge funds, sustainable or ESG strategies and real asset funds, etc.). In order to invest in the growth of leading managers of the future, the QEMP encourages other allocators, cities and municipalities, pension funds, foundations and universities to join the program and its impact investing.

About the QEMP
The QEMP’s mandate is to promote the growth of financial entrepreneurship in Québec by offering institutional investors diversified investment strategies managed by Québec emerging managers. This project was developed in connection with the work of Finance Montréal’s Entrepreneurship Work Group, in collaboration with established portfolio management firms. For more information about the QEMP, visit or consult our LinkedIn page.

About Innocap
Innocap is the combination of two of the most respected firms in the dedicated managed account industry: Innocap + HedgeMark. Since 1996, Innocap provides institutional allocators a superior way to structure, access and monitor their alternative investments through their platform. Innocap is the leading Dedicated Managed Account Platform in the world with US$49 billion in assets, >235 funds, >US$900 billion of client assets leveraging their technology. They benefit from solid, committed, and long-term institutional shareholders. Innocap’s team is home to >300 innovative talents and robust financial technology operating from 7 locations worldwide. For more information about Innocap, visit or consult our LinkedIn page.

Gestion Plant-E Management and Plant-E Corp
Founded in Montréal in February 2021, Gestion Plant-E Management is a subsidiary 100% owned by Plant-E Corp. Plant-E Corp was founded in 2006 by Pierre Plante. Gestion Plant-E Management brings together, among other things, expertise in the financial sector, energy markets and the regulations governing them. For more information about Plant-E, visit

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